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Spring Skincare Powered by Vitamin A

    14 · 03 · 2024

In a previous journal, we suggested preparing your skincare routine for the colder weather. Well, with a new season coming up, it´s that time again. After months of snow and freezing temperatures, winter has (almost) left us, possibly leaving an aftermath of dry, itchy skin. Dullness and increased sensitivity are other possible effects due to the weather changes.

This is where including skin-enhancing Vitamin A, such as Retinol 8 and NEAR 1, in your skincare routine can be a determining factor in protecting and strengthening the skin to stand up against the visible effects of environmental stressors. Something that we advocate is essential all year round.

The point is, while we may be more than ready to run right into sunny spring, our skin needs a little more time to adapt. The change in seasons often contributes to our skin getting somewhat upside-down. Switches in humidity, sun exposure, and outdoor activity usually drive the need to tweak your skincare routine. 

The intense sun rays that come along with springtime are oh-so-lovely and reinvoke our spirits, but they can also have a negative impact on our skin. The sun can break down our collagen and elastin while increasing the risk of hyperpigmentation and melasma. Keep reading to learn how to prepare your skin in the best way for springtime.


Each change of season takes a toll on our skin. To combat any possible negative impact, it is advisable to be prepared. Verso strongly advocates using the golden standard ingredient Vitamin A – this recommendation goes for all year round – including spring. Incorporating skin caring Vitamin A, such as Retinol 8 and NEAR 1 (Verso´s hero ingredients starring Vitamin A), is beneficial in so many ways, including defending and strengthening the skin to meet the challenges of environmental stressors. A significant stressor during spring is the intense UV light from the sun. Its uplifting yet potentially harmful rays are something to watch out for during this season. Vitamin A, with its substantial antioxidant abilities, is an important aid in helping the skin resist these possible effects. 

At Verso, we praise the goodness of Vitamin A. This is an ingredient we recommend using all year, spring included, due to its fantastic ability to improve the look of your skin. Of course, it should ALWAYS be combined with a high SPF during daytime! 


Antioxidants enable many benefits for the skin. There are several to choose from included in skin-enhancing products. Combining products with different vitamins rich in antioxidants can enhance the visible results of your daily skincare routine. Skin-loving antioxidants protect your skin from the damaging effects of pollution and UV light, keeping your skin visibly resilient, radiant, and younger-looking. The following favorites are perfect to include in your springtime routine:

  • Vitamin A, included in Verso´s hero ingredients Retinol 8 and NEAR 1, can strengthen your skin´s natural defenses and inspire visibly rejuvenated skin. Vitamin A/retinoids can be used on all skin types: dry, oily, and combination skin. Apart from its protecting abilities, it’s beneficial for visibly uneven skin tone, clogged, enlarged pores, and aging skin. Skin Expert advises! If you are new to Vitamin A and experiencing dryness, use it every other night initially and slowly increase the usage to allow your skin to build up a tolerance.
  • Vitamin B, niacinamide, has been shown to have restoring properties that strengthen the skin´s natural defenses.
  • Vitamin C enhances the skin’s natural protection and helps to improve the appearance of healthy, glowing skin.
  • Vitamin E helps support other functional ingredients, especially other antioxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
  • Apply sun protection with potent antioxidants during the day to help protect the skin from the visible effects of environmental stressors and strengthen the skin’s natural protection.

Verso Skincare

Vitamin A is an ingredient we recommend using all year, spring included, due to its fantastic ability to improve the look of your skin.


Apply SPF - Even When it’s Cloudy!

One of the most common misconceptions about sunscreen is that it is only needed on a sunny day. Using products with SPF in your daily routine is easily the most essential part of your skincare routine. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are present no matter the season and can harm your skin, even on cloudy days. We always recommend using a sun protectant with at least SPF 30. Even if functional ingredients like Vitamin A can be used during the daytime, protecting your skin when exposed to the sun (with or without using a Vitamin A product) is essential. This is to maintain the results of your skincare products and the look of healthy skin.

Switch Your Cleanser

The humidity is heightened during spring, and the skin starts to adjust to warmer weather and humid air. This often means that the skin feels oilier and greasier. It's essentially the exact opposite of what occurs from summer to fall or fall to winter.

Switching to a lighter cleanser in the morning as the weather turns warmer will remove any excess oil and impurities gathered on your skin from sleeping without stripping your skin of its moisture. A more hydrating cleanser is beneficial to use at night to restore the skin’s moisture lost throughout the day.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Developing a consistent routine for exfoliation will be vital to having a bright and glowing complexion. Higher temperatures and humidity, combined with increased sun exposure, can lead to clogged pores and blemishes. Ideally, you should use a customized exfoliant one to two times weekly to eliminate old skin cells and help ease the seasonal transition. While enhancing the effect of your daily skincare routine, regular exfoliation may also help to unclog pores.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Winter weather conditions can be harsh on your skin. From visible redness, dryness, and cracking, your skin has probably endured a lot of challenges. As one of the simplest spring skincare tips, adding a hydrating serum to boost your dehydrated skin is also the easiest change that can make all the difference to the look of your skin.

A hydrating serum can be key for keeping skin hydrated, enhancing your skin’s hydration, preventing it from drying out, and improving its moisture retention. Sufficiently hydrated skin can help reduce the appearance of premature fine lines and wrinkles while leaving it bouncy, plumped, and feeling fresh.

Use a Light Moisturizer

Spring is the perfect season to try something new in your skincare. Refresh your dehydrated skin with a new, lighter, glow-giving moisturizer. With the weather changing, a heavy moisturizer to combat extreme dryness is no longer necessary. 

Eat Colorful Fresh Foods and Vegetables Rich in Antioxidants

Not only are fruits and vegetables good for your overall health, but they contain vitamins and antioxidants that can help protect your skin. Some favorites that provide skin benefits are blueberries, broccoli, avocado, nuts, oats, and honey, which have anti-inflammatory abilities and several other health benefits.