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Meet Verso Daily SPF 50 Starring:

The Jewels of the Sea

    06 · 03 · 2024

We are immensely proud to present Verso Daily SPF 50. We dare say that this is not just your average SPF; the innovative formulation of this product includes an ingredient we perceive as almost magical - Algica, algae from the Swedish west coast, also known as the ‘jewels of the sea.’ In this journal, you will learn more about our SPF with this fascinating ingredient, which adds something special to our daytime protector and your daily skincare routine.


The earliest form of sunscreen was created by Swiss chemist Franz Greiter in 1938. After suffering sunburn while mountain climbing, he came up with ‘glacier cream.’ He later named his company after the mountain he had been climbing that day - Piz Buin. Mr. Greiter later invented the SPF rating that is still used today.

It was not until the 1960s that SPF became well known. Over the years, skin care products with sun protection have evolved. Each type of sunscreen comes with its own SPF rating, which stands for Sun Protection Factor. The higher the number, the higher the level of protection.


At Verso, our top priority is promoting healthy-looking skin through science-based skincare. With our range of multifunctional products, including hero ingredients such as Verso´s unique Vitamin A complex Retinol 8 and patented molecule NEAR 1, we present first-class skincare, enabling your skin to look and feel its best. To further ensure optimal skin health, we have put in a lot of time and effort to develop our own quality SPF to accompany the Verso Skincare family. 

It is our great pleasure to introduce Verso Daily SPF 50 with a powerhouse formulation building on three key ingredients: 

  • Algica
  • Fermented Oat
  • Vitamin E


Daily use of a high SPF is an important step to protect the skin and avoid visible signs of premature aging. We advocate that a well-designed SPF product should be an important (to say the least!) part of your daily skincare routine. It is not only in the summer that it is essential to shield your skin from the sun; it applies all year round. Therefore, a high SPF is a must in every skincare routine. We recommend using an SPF product daily to maintain the results of your skincare routine and healthy-looking skin. 


Humans have used algae for thousands of years to become healthier and enhance appearance. The algae have a moisturizing effect that prevents the skin from visible signs of premature aging. In addition, they contain a shell that protects against sunlight, a property the algae have developed after millions of years on the seabed. 

Our SPF product features a type of algae named Algica through a partnership with the Swedish Algae Factory. The ingredient is produced off the west coast of Sweden, where the Swedish Algae Factory operates in harmony with nature in real-time. They cultivate their algae with the purpose of utilizing the algae group diatoms’ unique traits. In the process, they also clean water for reuse and produce a unique high-tech material that can be used in ocean-safe skincare products.

– Sofie Allert - Biotechnologist and founder of the Swedish Algae Factory

It is a type of algae that grows naturally under the ice in the Arctic but also thrives on the bottom of the sea in our climate.


In the cold and clear northern seas, down below the water surface, lives an amazing group of algae called diatoms. The diatom shells are designed by nature to maintain an optimal moisture level, efficiently absorb nutrients, and block harmful substances and UV radiation.

The diatoms are tiny, most of which are between 20 and 200 microns, much like a tenth of the diameter of a human hair. They occur almost everywhere where there is water, in the water mass or on the bottom: in the sea, lakes, and streams, ice in the Arctic and Antarctica, and moist soil. In lakes and the sea, they live in the upper part of the water mass or on shallow bottoms because they need sunlight to photosynthesize, absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. Diatoms account for about 20 percent of carbon fixation on Earth, more than all the rainforests combined. You could say that the oxygen in every fifth breath comes from diatoms.

The unique feature of diatoms is that they are surrounded by a cell wall made of silica (hydrated silicon dioxide). Their enchanting appearance prompts them to be described as the ‘jewels of the sea’ due to their optical properties. These stunningly beautiful diatoms are mesmerizing and incredibly important for marine life; their powerful abilities are astounding. 


The algae´s unique porous shell has evolved for millions of years to ensure survival. The shell is naturally designed to uptake and release chemical substances such as nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The abundance of hydroxyl groups, comparable to hyaluronic acid, also helps diatoms efficiently regulate moisture and water levels.

The Swedish Algae Factory has found a way to cultivate and harness these shells and has named them Algica. Thus, Algica is the shell of an organically grown microalgae. These shells originate from the sea and are safe for oceans and sea life. 


The Jewels of the Sea

with Algica

Daily SPF 50



Algica is a patented biotech ingredient produced in Sweden. It is a micro-biome-friendly ingredient and organically certified (COSMOS and ECOCERT). 

The multifaceted ingredient can benefit your skin in several ways: 

  • It has excellent moisturizing properties and regulates moisture levels in the skin. An external source showed that Algica´s moisturizing properties fully match those of hyaluronic acid.
  • Works as a protective anti-pollution agent. Various studies have shown that products containing Algica prevent air pollution from entering the skin.
  • Absorbs excess oil, impurities, and sweat.
  • SPF booster. Studies have shown that Algica enhances the SPF by 11 percent.
  • Sensory modifier – Algica´s sensory modifying properties further enhance the feeling of the Verso Daily SPF 50, elevating the smooth and luxurious formula that gently glides onto the skin.
  • Efficient vitamin- and nutrient booster


The skin microbiome is the invisible ecosystem of microorganisms and bacteria that live on our skin. These bacteria interact and communicate with each other, playing an essential role in preserving healthy skin. Fermented oat, a key ingredient in Verso Daily SPF 50, has been proven effective in maintaining and strengthening the skin flora, the skin’s microbiome composition, over time. This skin-caring component soothes, visibly firm, and plumps the look of the skin while counteracting the signs of a tired and dull complexion. 

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the skin from the visible effects of environmental stressors. Furthermore, it helps to support functional ingredients, especially other antioxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

For more information on Verso Daily SPF 50, please visit the product page.