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Product Update: Former Verso Enzyme Peel has changed its name and category while the functional formula remains the same.

This change came about to clarify the product's use and effectiveness. You will obtain the same result-oriented formula as before that delivers visible effects on the skin.

Verso Peel Mask is an exfoliating gel that instantly promotes a soft and radiant appearance.

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Verso Peel Mask with Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acids is an exfoliating gel that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth with an instant glow. While enhancing the effect of your daily skincare routine, regular exfoliation may help to unblock pores. 


This peel mask contains enzymes and the exfoliating acids Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) to increase the appearance of firm and smooth skin.  

The AHAs included are a mix of Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. Glycolic acid is the most functional and studied exfoliating ingredient of all AHA acids. Its small molecules can effectively work to promote faster results, leaving your skin with a healthy-looking glow.

The ingredient exfoliates the outer layer of the skin helping to give your skin a fresh and revived look.  

Lactic Acid is a mild exfoliant that softens the skin and, together with Glycolic Acid, results in a smooth and even skin tone with a visibly minimized appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   

PHA gluconolactone is also included in the formula to enhance the exfoliation with its hydrating properties that promote soft and smooth skin. Regular usage of Verso Peel Mask can increase the skin’s resistance to the visible effects of environmental stressors. In addition to its exfoliating agents, Peel Mask contains enzymes extracted from pomegranates that can add to the look of a smooth surface and a glowing complexion.  

Verso Peel Mask effectively enhances the results of the following products in your skincare routine. For resilient skin, accustomed to using functional ingredients, we recommend combining Peel Mask with other Verso products containing Retinol 8 or NEAR 1. Verso Super Elixir is a good suggestion for additional radiance and rejuvenated looking skin. 


Apply on cleansed face and neck. Avoid contact with the eye and mouth area. Depending on your skin's tolerance, leave it on for 1-3 minutes. If you have known skin sensitivity, start with using the product for one minute. Rinse with lukewarm water or use a soft damp towel to remove the product. Avoid rubbing. For optimal hydration, follow with a moisturizer, such as Verso Hydration Serum, Verso Nourishing Cream, or/and Verso Nourishing Mask. It can be used 1-3 times a week, depending on your skin’s needs.

Sunburn Caution: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to sun exposure and, mainly, the possibility of sunburn. Use sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure for seven (7) days after using this product.

Fragen und Antworten
What is a Peel Mask, and what does it do? 

Verso Peel Mask is an exfoliating gel with Alpha- and Poly Hydroxy Acids. It also includes enzymes for an enhanced effect. It exfoliates the skin leaving it with a soft, smooth, and radiant look. 

Why is it a good idea to include Verso Peel Mask in my daily skincare routine?

Over time, when the skin is aging, it’s more suspectable to get a dull appearance. Adding an exfoliator with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) as well as enzymes to your skincare routine, may result in more radiance and renews the look of beautiful skin. Regular usage can visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

What are the exfoliating ingredients in the product?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (4% Glycolic Acid and 2% Lactic Acid), Poly Hydroxy Acid (4% Gluconolactone), and Enzymes extracted from Pomegranates. 

Which pH level has Verso Peel Mask?

The pH level at 3,4-3,6 ensures an effective exfoliation.

Can I combine Verso with any other product I use in my skincare routine?

Yes, but remember not to use products with exfoliating acids from more than one brand.   For the best results, we recommend that you stop using other products with exfoliating acids (AHA / BHA) before introducing Verso Peel Mask.

What's the best way to store Verso Peel Mask?

At room temperature, approx. +20-25c (68-77F). If the temperature exceeds normal room temperature, store it in the refrigerator. 

Do you have any other advice on how I can improve my skin quality?

We believe it's essential to look at the bigger picture, including all the different parts of life. A conscious approach to skincare is, of course, advisable. However, your skin is far better off when combining a mindful skincare routine with a healthy lifestyle. It's important to remember that other parts of life, such as work, food, alcohol, exercising, and sleep, may affect the health of your skin.