Hydration Serum, Sample 2ml

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Verso Hydration Serum provides optimal and immediate moisturization, long-term hydration and continuous skin barrier repair for dry skin.

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Effectively working against unnecessary dryness, this serum keeps the skin looking smooth and soft. It balances the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores, and discoloration. The result is a smoother texture, improved tone and younger-looking skin. Perfume-free.


The formula’s unique mix of oat lipids and oils, derived from the Nordic countries, reduces the risk of developing the appearance of skin irritation caused by lack of moisture. Niacinamide will leave the skin with a long-lasting look of being softer and smoother with increased resistance to the visible effects of environmental stressors. Verso Hydration Serum is rich in Avenanthramides, Ceramides, Beta-glucans, Vitamin E, and fatty acids; Antioxidants with soothing and water-binding properties.


Apply on face and neck. Massage the serum over your skin in circular motions, avoid contact with your eyes. Follow with a moisturizer. Can be used morning and/or evening, or as needed.

Fragen und Antworten
Why is it a good idea to include a hydration serum in my daily skincare routine?

Without continuous hydration, the skin tends to age faster while preventing the other products in your skincare routine from reaching their full capacity. Most people tend to get dry skin every now and then, especially during colder and dryer periods of the year. A hydration serum is an effective way of keeping the skin hydrated and soft.

What is a Hydration Serum, and what does it do?

With a light gel formula, our Hydration Serum delivers immediate and long-term hydration of the skin.

When do I use a hydration serum?

Include in your daily skincare routine morning and evening, or as needed.

What scent is in the product?

It has a natural scent that comes from the high concentration of soothing oats. The scent might have a slight variation due to its natural origin.

What's the best way to store Verso Hydration Serum?

At room temperature.

Can I combine Verso with any other product I use in my skincare routine?

Yes, Verso products are made to provide a solid baseline for every skincare routine. Our products can be combined with each other as well as with products from other brands.

Do you have any other advice on how I can improve my skin quality?

We believe it's essential to look at the bigger picture, including all the different parts of life. A conscious approach to skincare is, of course, advisable. However, your skin is far better off when combining a mindful skincare routine with a healthy lifestyle. It's important to remember that other parts of life, such as work, food, alcohol, exercising, and sleep, may affect the health of your skin.


Verteilen Sie einige Tropfen des leichten Gel-Serums sanft über Ihr Gesicht. Wenn nötig, tragen Sie danach Ihre Verso Day und/oder Verso Night Cream auf. Vermeiden Sie direkten Kontakt mit den Augen.