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Verso Skincare

Together for a sustainable environment

Our vision and journey on how to stand together for a sustainable environment through equality, justice, and respect for each other and our planet.

Verso strives to act on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By offering products that are consciously developed with high-quality functional ingredients, we aim to encourage mindful consumption for a sustainable approach that benefits both the environment and your skin.

To us, sustainability goes far beyond minimizing environmental impact. We aim to focus on ethical, sustainable standards throughout the Verso supply chain, including all people and communities involved along the way to ensure the products reach the consumers. It equally matters how we treat both each other and the planet.

Get insights on our work in offering sustainable skincare with equality and diversity as our mindset:


We always strive to use a few high-performing key ingredients.

Our products have a low count of high-quality functional ingredients to ensure healthy-looking skin with no frills. When formulating our products, we select the formula with care, using science-forward ingredients that contribute to the best function for the skin. Read about our “Smart” Ingredients here.

We make conscious choices to promote sustainable consumption.

We believe a daily skincare routine with a few high-quality products reduces time and money spent. Furthermore, it lessens unnecessary environmental pressure caused by overconsumption.


By purposefully and continuously reviewing our products' packaging, we strive to monitor and decrease our plastic waste. We will continue to find recycled plastic options within the company and our whole supply chain, providing products and packaging that are easily recycled to protect our environment. Our ambition is to do our utmost to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Our goal is to provide the best sustainable packaging protecting both our products and the user experience while being kind to the planet. Read our journal about “Clean Beauty” here.
  • We aim for all airtight packaging to be available in 75% recycled plastic, PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging), while having the same durability and lifespan. In 2022 we introduced our first Verso PCR product packaging to the market. 
  • We continuously work to seek sustainable and planet-friendly packaging without compromising our high quality.
  • To meet our goals of offering sustainable skincare, we've reduced our products' outer packaging by 14%. By optimizing the design, we can offer neat product packaging without any unnecessary dead space.
  • We have stopped using cellophane to cover outer product packaging, which saves more than 200 kg of plastic annually.
  • We have a constantly ongoing conversation with our packaging suppliers, influencing and advocating further improvements in sustainable packaging to reduce materials used that may impact the environment. 


Our policy aims to provide fairness, respect, and equality for all in our employment, whether temporary, part-time, or full-time.

Our ambition is to create a working environment free of bullying, harassment, victimization, and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and the contributions of all staff are recognized and valued.

Diversity and inclusion are priorities.

For modern skincare brands, diversity and inclusivity are, and should be, high priorities. At Verso, we continuously learn, develop, and work to improve those aspects with a long-term approach. We have an action-oriented plan to guide us on how we can contribute both now and in the future.

We believe that all people should have equal rights and opportunities; therefore, we do not accept any form of discrimination, discriminatory treatment, or harassment.

As we work to achieve a workplace where this policy is to be self-evident, the following goals have been defined:

  • A workplace free of discrimination, harassment, and abuse of any kind.
  • Differences are assets to be valued and appreciated.
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity are to be a natural consideration and a part of our daily work. 
  • As the world constantly changes, we aim to be a harmonized organization aligned with contemporary movements.

Marketing partnerships & talent selection.

We strive to work with collaborators representing diversity in terms of model talent and understanding different contexts. 

We have seen increased diversity in models, influencer collaborations, ambassadors, channels, content, and language. Everyone interacting with Verso Skincare should always feel welcome, and any partner or coworker of the company should, at any time, all the time, feel included as a part of the team. 

Read our Journal about Diversity here.