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Verso Journal

Skin Expert Recommendations

    04 · 10 · 2022

Our philosophy – a science-first mindset – and our core ambition to offer skincare with real impact manifest across Verso Skincare. Therefore, we have our own Verso Skin Experts to guide and help you improve the health of your skin. They have long and significant experience analyzing customers’ unique skin and needs to recommend products for a personalized experience.

In this journal, we elaborate on the products that our Skin Experts recommend combining with Verso Super Elixir.

Let’s start with an introduction to this exciting and result-driven product!


To put Verso Super Elixir in the proper context, it is impossible not to mention NEAR 1, our patented molecule powering its functional formula. In short, NEAR 1 is a versatile skincare technology combining two hero ingredients: Vitamin A and Niacinamide.

The abbreviated journey of NEAR 1 began with the vision of creating something with the best formulation, the best formula, and the best efficacy to ultimately have our own patented molecule.

Verso Super Elixir is a brightening, moisturizing, and nourishing facial serum formulated and developed to target the appearance of uneven skin tone. 

Besides NEAR 1, this potent serum contains a few highly concentrated and functional ingredients, including licorice root and squalane. The Verso Super Elixir formula will help improve the appearance of an even skin tone and make the skin more resistant to the visible effects of environmental stressors.

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract) has many qualities, such as boosting the soothing effect of the serum while enhancing brightening results. It has antioxidant properties that promote radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Squalane is an oil-soluble found in the skin's natural oil called sebum. The ingredient has fantastic emollient abilities, making it easily absorbed and suitable for all skin types. Squalane has long-lasting moisturizing benefits and can help to take care of your skin with its natural defenses. It is an excellent carrier for the functional ingredients found in Verso Super Elixir, enabling them to be delivered where they are needed the most and can perform their best.

Verso Super Elixir provides many skin-enhancing qualities. It is a facial serum that can be used by anyone who wants to achieve noticeable results. With a gentle powerhouse formula, it can be used even on sensitive skin. Visible luminosity and radiant skin in a bottle!

Find all further details about Verso Super Elixir here.

Verso Skin Expert - About Super Elixir

With a gentle powerhouse formula, it can be used even on sensitive skin.


Please allow our Skin Experts to guide you through a few of our products that are recommended for pairing with Verso Super Elixir.


A favorite combination is to use Verso Super Elixir with Verso Super C Serum to extend its efficiency and optimize the results, including healthy-looking skin.

Verso Super C Serum helps to preserve the brightening effect and, at the same time, works against the dull appearance of an uneven skin tone.

If you let the skin get an intense brightening treatment from Verso Super Elixir during the night, combining it with Verso Super C Serum during the daytime can be very beneficial and further enhance the visible results.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps to protect the skin from the visible effects of environmental stressors that may stress and irritate the skin. Hence, adding Verso Super C serum to your daily skincare routine is an excellent choice. We always recommend finishing your daily skincare routine by using sun protection, at least SPF 30. This will help to retain your results and prevent premature signs of aging. 

Super C Serum



The perfect start to an effective skincare routine is your choice of cleanser, and Verso Cleansing Balm is an excellent choice to combine with Verso Super Elixir. This outstanding all-in-one product thoroughly cleanses the skin with a moisturizing and gentle yet exfoliating effect. It prepares the skin in the best way possible to let it absorb all the functional properties found in your skincare routine. By sloughing off any old skin cells, it leaves the skin well-cleansed and prepared for Verso Super Elixir to perform its best.

The melting and exfoliating jojoba beads provide a delightful and sensory feel on the skin. This multi-purpose cleanser suits all skin types. Another benefit is that it is a perfume-free formula without preservatives; it is even so gentle that it can be used around the eyes.

This velvety balm cleanser relieves the appearance of temporary redness, tightness, and dryness. It can be used as a standalone cleanser, exfoliator, and pre-cleanse – an excellent choice in any skincare routine.

Verso Cleansing Balm



The skin around the eyes is more fragile, more prone to dryness, and quicker to show aging and fatigue. Some may think an eye cream is not much different from moisturizers used on the rest of the face. Using a moisturizer may seem sufficient to keep the eye area from premature wrinkling or suffering from dryness; however, a well-formulated eye cream does have qualities that make it worthwhile.

Verso Eye Cream is specifically formulated for the delicate area around the eyes. It provides intense hydration with a combination of Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract and Fermented Oats. The product will balance, visibly strengthen, soothe, and hydrate this fragile area. The overall result is smooth and supple skin.

The Oat lipids and oils used come from Nordic countries and leave the skin more resistant to the visible effects caused by environmental stressors. The Oats have a high concentration of antioxidants to help maintain healthy-looking skin. The ceramides in fermented oats promote natural skin protection, enabling the skin to stay hydrated and smooth. Together with hyaluronic acid boosting Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract, the two can help optimize the skin’s natural moisture level.

Verso Eye Cream is a must-have since it is the ultimate help for visibly dry skin around the delicate eye area. It enables the skin around the eyes to stay perfectly hydrated and resilient. Further, it beautifully primes the skin and promotes any makeup/concealer to perform a perfect long-lasting smooth finish.

The nourishing and strengthening properties make Verso Eye Cream the perfect partner alongside Verso Super Elixir to promote natural skin protection and help the delicate skin around the eyes stay visibly replenished with a soothed appearance.

Verso Super Elixir paired with Verso Eye Cream provides result-driven skincare for the face and eye area.

Verso Eye Cream